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Blockchain IoT Hub

Our solution is designed for enterprises, solution providers and IoT device manufacturers to deploy secure machines to human and M2M critical business ecosystems and workflows rapidly. Transparsoft’s Blockchain IoT Hub is smart even in an environment where the internet is not available.

Key Features – Blockchain Collateral Reconciliation Solution

Power of Extended Cloud Computing & Blockchain IoT

Blockchain IoT Hub is an innovative platform that is created on a shared cloud architecture based on blockchain technology. It serves secure, low-cost, and on-demand access to the most revolutionary computing infrastructure in an IoT network.

Automated M2M Controls with Smart Contracts

Built on the blockchain, a smart contract is an automation algorithm for transactions. With this solution, businesses and manufacturers can create and deploy smart contracts that verify, facilitate, and enforce the performance or negotiation of a contract between Machine and Human or M2M within an IoT ecosystem.

Automate With RPA

Robotic Process Automation helps enterprises to automate manual processes across the enterprise using bots or software robots, which reduces labor costs and human errors. Blockchain IoT Hub enables businesses to easily address and manage problem alerts and flagged events that are generated by sensors.

AI Robots – Preventive & Predictive

AI empowers insight. It automatically identifies patterns and detects problems in the data that is generated by sensors and devices such as humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration, air quality, etc.

Fingertip Control PWA

Transparsoft’s Blockchain IoT Hub enhances user engagement and connection independent Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for companies with control of the IoT application at fingertips with the power of URL and the attributes like offline caching.

Asset Tracking Management

Blockchain technology is a promising technology for improving supply chain management to up-lift its efficiency and reduce its cost. With our Blockchain IoT Hub, Transparsoft provided a solution to one of our distinguished customers who is in the Brewery industry and based in the United Kingdom (Part of FTSE 100 and a division of leading banking group) to robotize the process of keg management and keg tracking efficiently. Increasing trust and transparency within the ecosystem, it helps to integrate the assets with business processes in an unchangeable and shared ledger. Our Blockchain IoT Hub captures every keg with its contents in a unique manner and collects important data of its journey throughout the supply chain. Using our blockchain-enabled system, brewers have up-to-date, authentic information and records on keg fills, movement, status, customers’ locations, returns, keg maintenance, and repairs. Blockchain IoT Hub helped customers to provide analysis, improve visibility, engage users through many types of devices to streamline and automate operations, reduce the number of disputes, and minimize delays in their supply chain.

Monitoring of Water Wastage

Drinking water wastage is a matter of great concern in today’s world and it is important for every developing/developed country. According to a group of researchers, an estimated wastage of water by leakages from United States homes could exceed more than 1 Trillion Gallons annually. This system works on a principle of “Direct Water Allocation” which means that the valve, that allows water flow, opens and closes on the basis of water usage. The valve opens while using water and closes when it is not used. A pressure sensor is also attached to the valve that monitors for any leaks in the plumbing, the water meter quantifies the number of leaks. Transparsoft provided a solution to one of our eminent customers, with Blockchain IoT Hub, to connect all of his switching sensors and customers in the Blockchain IoT Hub platform to monitor and track usage and leaks. The platform provides a personalized birds-eye view of the collected data on the provider’s dashboard and on-demand additional analytics.

Smart Automotive Battery Management

In any vehicle, the battery is the most essential component and its perfect maintenance is very much essential too. Integration of the battery management with IoT allows you to view the data from the batteries anywhere and it can be retrieved anytime for data analysis. We provided a solution to a leading automotive battery selling company with Blockchain IoT Hub to monitor and manage their batteries. Blockchain IoT Hub enables the ability to manage and monitor the connected batteries via BLE featured Battery-Guard IoT devices. These IoT devices are managed and configured on the platform and data is viewed via Progressive Web Apps. The platform gives a consolidated view of all the connected devices in a detailed bird-eye view. This allows the clients to seamlessly monitor their battery’s health and related data. The platform keeps the transactional data stored over distributed networks in a secured manner using Blockchain Technology, making the process safe and secure. With the insight of the data, our solution helps the companies to prompt support to customers and take proactive sales.

Smart Mobile Van Service

The emerging technologies, Blockchain and the Internet, can change the way enterprises work. We provided Vehicle Authorization Management Solution to one of our renowned customers (Auto Oil Products manufacturer) for location tracking and vehicle authorization management and real-time communication, for distribution of oil products to stores and retail workshops, by automation in logistics, by minimizing human intervention and providing Transparency in the distribution process. Transparsoft’s Blockchain & IoT based Vehicle Authorization Management solution offers features like 24/7 tracking and alerts upon any unexpected activity such as Geofence, over speeding, etc. alerts upon reaching each delivery location, automation of the order from request to purchasing and processing, preventing any unauthorized access to the Van. This solution helped the client in anti-counterfeiting and authenticating, Quick/Real-time transaction establishment, source tracking, brand value, and recognition, increase the productivity of the distribution system and pilferage of inventory.

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