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IoT Based Brewery Solution

Experience the best Trust, Transparency, and Efficiency Across the Supply Chain Business.

Brewery Solution

Fast Transactions

Peer-to-peer transaction processing with fewer ledgers and intermediaries get updated automatically.

Anti-counterfeiting System

Blockchain asset tracking prevents counterfeits. Assets can be tracked and traced with RFID tags throughout the entire supply chain until the assets reach the consumer’s wallet.

Reliable & Immutable

Blockchain technology is alert and failure is not its feature. Transections processed in the blockchain are constant and unchangeable.

Low Supply Chain Cost

Automated and smart contracts to endorse transactions. Fewer intermediaries, and no compromise of work. It helps to cut the overall supply chain cost.

Strict Tracking

Transparsoft’s solution offers better authenticity, transparency, anti-counterfeiting/honest, Real-time and fast transaction agreement, and source tracking in the supply chain. The blockchain integrated system enables up to the mark breweries, up-to-date information, reports on keg filling, customer’s location, movement, returns, keg repairing, and maintenance.


This solution offers better accuracy, transparency and anti-fraudulence, fast transaction establishment and provenance tracking in the supply chain.

QR Code/RFID Tag Scan

Scanning of RFID and QR Code keeps you informed with the latest and instantly updated asset’s status.


This solution was built over blockchain and it enables the clients to share information and data with more safety and security and to create a trusted ecosystem upon which all parties can rely.

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