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Build A Transparsoft Instant App For Your Healthcare Office

Transparsoft makes scheduling appointments and patient management, easy.

Doctor Solution - Improve Your Customer Experience

Digital Promotions On-the-go

Doctor can promote their healthcare clinic on the social media. Digital Promotions can help doctors write down the treatment and their specialties with pricing.

Online Booking of Appointments

According to their availability and suitability, patients can book their appointments on their browser for consultation and treatment purposes.

Cost Efficient Branding & Promotions

Make higher income with greater number of leads which helps you to stand out among your competitor.

Quick Information

Show detailed information
Clients of your clinic can access all of the information about the doctors. They can also reach the doctors by filling in a ready-made form about their queries.

Offline Access to Readings

Services availability without internet
Patients can read the contents offline and they can check the app without an internet connection. Offer them a hassle-free and an interactive system with easy navigation through the platform.

Reviews & Feedback

Evaluation becomes effortless
Patients can check the reviews and feedbacks of the clinic and the doctor available right in their hands. They can easily decide their doctor. clinic.

Easy Appointment Setting

Online appointment platform
Users can book their appointments easily by using the online system for consulting purpose.

Digital Branding

Promotion of the clinic digitally
Digital promotions are cost-effective and can help doctors list down the treatments and specialties with specified prices. Doctor office can be promoted via social media.

Push Notifications

Quick reach to the patients
The push notifications help you reach more patients in less time and convey them the ongoing campaigns at present.

Data Analytics for Better Revenue

Edit your services
By using the Advanced Data Analytics, you can record, observe and analyze your business growth data that can help you generate more revenue.

Campaign Support

Re-engage your patients
Campaign creation for upcoming offers, events and special treatments and its posting is made easier with a built-in feature. Create and distribute your coupons to promote the limited time offers to the patients.

Social Media Marketing Option

Sharing your business made easy
Patients can launch your web app from a URL, and you can also broadcast your web app on Facebook, in Online Ads, by QR Codes or text messages.

Marketing via SMS

Top-notch benefits at a little cost
Users can easily locate your healthcare clinic location by tracing the destination. It will take them to you directly in an undemanding way.


24/7 chatbot support
Chatbots will transfer the comfort and ease to the end customers by giving them the real time assistance with 24/7 support desk.

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