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Enterprise Asset Management System

Enterprise Asset Management solution provides you a comprehensive of the entire lifecycle of an enterprise’s physical assets, track and trace asset’s journey secure with the blockchain, allows you to predictively control your asset landscape through Artificial Intelligence and analytics, cut down maintenance costs and save you a major cut of money for your business.

EAM – Features that Improve Your Maintenance Management

Consolidated System

Register all of your equipment and tract assets like technological, physical, and human resources you have in the entire business units and at all the geographical locations.

Full Lifecycle

Transparsoft’s EAM Solution provides you a unified view of your asset lifecycle, manages real-time asset performance, and automates the maintenance activities.

RFID Tags/QR Code Scan

RFID Tag and QR Code scanning enable you to receive the instant and latest updates of the asset’s status and to take immediate decisions and necessary actions.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Transparsoft offers the EAM Solution as a mobile app that helps you and your entire team to control tasks and assets from anywhere, at any time, even if there is no internet connection.

Secured with the Blockchain Technology

Our EAM Solution is secured with the blockchain technology that assures your enterprise’s asset data security, faster immutable asset’s movement and avoids counterfeiting.

SLA Compliance

The EAM Solution is compliant with SLAs that enable you to recognize the level of commitment of numerous vendors or suppliers and decide your time before making a committing your tenants.

Contracts & Renewal

Transparsoft’s EAM Solution provides you with real-time data on asset contracts, licensing, renewal, compliance, and the associated events, joining all the information dots together.

Predictive Maintenances

Our EAM Solution provides you a detailed insight into the forthcoming risks, maintenance services of your assets and helps you in making the right decisions at the right time in your business.

Work Orders Management

Our enterprise-level GPS-based work order management solution enables you to easily set-up, manage, track, and accomplish work orders while bringing visibility into your operation.

  • Work orders can be managed via mobile devices online and offline.
  • Developed with add-ons like e-sign and customer reviews.
  • Integrated with high-end features like geofencing, and route planning.

MRO Materials Management

The EAM Solution helps you to make task order and material requisition from maintenance request forms. The material management system facilitates to immediately begin scheduling, planning and ordering MRO materials.

  • It permits you to configure items/materials for maintenance requests.
  • It enables you to create job orders from maintenance requests.

Labor management

This solution helps you to set-up and manage assessments, trainings, and certifications for your employees, manage jobs for the employees in your company, and boost productivity.

  • It helps in effectively anticipating labor requirements.
  • It allows you to create and manage staff schedules to complete a specific task.
  • It enhances productivity with proper job allocation to employees/staff.

Service contract management

Transparsoft’s EAM Solution controls compliances and expenses at each step of the contract lifecycle. You can establish and manage contracts and service agreements with vendors, customers, partners, and employees using Service Contract Management.

Finance Management

This EAM Solution collects data on inventory, work order costs, and procurement costs and combines with finance software to manage accounts and project expenses.

Reports & Analytics

The completely customizable EAM reports dashboard permits you to inspect asset performance, detect upcoming issues and risks, gather key performance signals for your whole facility to take better business-inclined decisions.

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