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Create Progressive Web App for Your Fitness Health Club

Transparsoft helps you to build the futuristic instant progressive web app within minutes.

Fitness Center Solution – Enhance Your Customer Experience

In-App Diet Charts & Workouts

Online workout plans help customer to access the exercise demos in the app. Online diet charts can help the customers to look for their proper food plans according to their nutritional goals.

Digital Utilities

Effortless updates of different diet charts, workout plans, new schemes, event details, and pricing with high resolution images and interpretations.

Cost Efficient Promotions & Branding

Up-lift leads and make sales which help in ability to stand out among other fitness clubs in the area.

Digital Workout Plans

Tutorial videos of different workouts
Digital workout helps the customer to find different go-to videos online and it will also help them to do the workouts properly.

Online Registration Option

Book slots online.
Online registration helps the customers to book their place in the gym online and it saves their time.

Easy Trainer Appointments

Online appointment booking for consultations and advices.
Customers of the club can book their appointments online for such purposes.

In-App Diet Charts and Plants

Nutritionally valued diets at your fingertips!
Online diet charts help the customers to maintain their body anywhere and anytime by eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions.

Digital Offerings

Offerings and services with digital experience.
Update different workout plans, diet charts, events, schemes and pricings with images of high quality and their descriptions. Don’t waste your money on re-printing the charts and broachers.

Special Events Management

Promote your on-going events and services.
Owners of the fitness clubs can create promotions for different special events like physiotherapy day and yoga day and motivate the people around to join you on those special events.

Offers and Promotions

Sell your fitness products and workouts more!
Create campaigns for upcoming events, special offers, discounts etc. and publish them. Generate coupons and distribute them to increase engagement in your events and special days.

Social Media Marketing Feature

Share your gym business easily.
Share your URL on Facebook, in online ads, QR codes, and text messages and your audience will reach your web app by clicking on it.

SMS Promotions

Enjoy great benefits at a cheap rates.
Reaching customers for promotions and marketing via SMS empowers your customer engagement and your personal connection with them.

Data Analytics for Better Revenue

Customize your workouts and charts.
Advanced Data Analytics enables you to capture, observe, and compute the data that can help you up-lift your gym business with such as you best-selling workout plans, and diet charts, memberships etc. in each month.

Help Desk with Chatbot

24/7 customer support desk for help.
Chatbot gives real-time assistance to the clients and transfers them ease and comfort while checking plans and charts in your web app.

Push Notifications

Reach the clients efficiently.
The push notifications are a great way to convey day to day promotions and offers to the customers and create enthusiasm in them to join your club for better fitness goals.

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