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Solution for Fleet Management

The Fleet Management solution enables you to trace, track, and analyze you vehicles in real-time efficiently and helps you in improving your fleet management. Enhance your fleet with high performance technology that’s expandable, flexible, and can be revamped to fit in your exact business needs.

Fleet Operations are Complicated

Compliances & Inspections

This solution permits you to maintain compliances with digital inspections and management system for issues.

Management of Fuel

Observe, analyze and better your fuel costs. Long fuel quantity or connect your fuel cards with the system to optimize the operating costs.

History of Maintenances

Fleet management solution collects and gives a complete service history reports for each resource in your fleet.

Report System

This fleet management solution gives a powerful insight into fleet operations and maintenances trends.

Tracking Issues

Any issue related to the vehicle can be detected and respond to the field members instantly with all the details.

Management of Inventory

The web-based inventory system and the barcode/RFID technology keep track of your supplies and fleet parts easily.

Preventive Maintenances

Get notifications of the maintenance tasks such as oil-changes, brakes, mileage services, and more in advance.

Mobile & Web Solution

Plan, schedule and handle maintenance tasks with costs in detail using Transparsoft’s mobile and web App.

Vehicles Management

This vehicle module helps to save vehicle information like specifications, Transmission and Engine, Tires and Wheels, and Fluid details by creating a vehicle profile. The archive information like vehicle documents, and essential records can be easily recovered when needed. Transparsoft’s VIN Decoder helps to populate all the details and specifications of a vehicle in seconds. The last registered location of a vehicle can be checked on the basis of fuel recharge and other such services.

  • Vehicles List :

    All the vehicles listed groupwise with their current status and details.

  • Vehicles Assignment :

    All assignments and trips of a vehicle listed along with their work history.

  • VIN Decoder :

    A Decoder to fetch details of vehicles with third party integrations with

  • Management of Fuel:

    Odometer reading of all the tasks and manages the fuel consumption.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Integration:

    Integration with OBD GPS Tracker of Sinocastel and Gonsun.

  • GeoFence Setup :

    The geofence setup helps you to receive notifications when a vehicle enters or exits an area of interest such as customer’s address, job sites, etc.

  • Custom Rule Engines :

    Set your own custom rules to get alerts in conditions like over speeding, fuel consumption, idle states and many more.

Trips Management

This module helps you to plan and deploy the entire trips of the fleets. Set-up trip details, set-up individual assignments using this module and assign the vehicle. This trip module also has a route planning system which enables you the drivers to know the route and assignments for the trip.

  • Trips Management Wizard :

    A setup assistant to assign vehicles and the assignments.

  • Documents Management :

    Allot reference documents to each of the vehicles for each task.

  • Route Planner :

    Automatic shortest calculated route system to complete all the tasks of a trip.

  • Offenses and Violations:

    A complete setup to record offenses and violations of the drivers during a trip and an automated pre-defined SMS/Email alert system.

  • Mobile App for Drivers:

    A mobile app for drivers to make sure check-ins/checkouts and manage all the assignments from anywhere using their iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

  • RFID-based Driver Identification:

    This RFID Driver Recognition system helps control unauthorized use of the vehicles.

  • Panic warning system :

    IoT device integrated permits the driver to use the Panic Warning button in case of an emergency situation.

Drivers & Employees Management

This management system helps to manage the drivers and the employees who will be using the modules of the system. Easy management of drivers’ profiles and store information on drivers and other employees. Fine-tune permissions are integrated so that the drivers have limited access to relevant assets and features only.

  • Employee Management :

    From this module, one can add all the employees, drivers, customer representatives and other team members.

  • Roles and Permission :

    Set roles of each employee to access the mobile app and portal on the system.


All the logs and reports for the efficiency of the vehicles are maintained in the reports module.

  • Activity Reports
  • Service Reports
  • History Reports
  • Trip-wise Reports
  • Vehicle Reports
  • Scheduled Report
  • Expense History

Fleet Issues and Maintenances

This Fleet Management module helps to record all the issues faced by the customer support teams and the drivers. It also helps to receive instant alerts for the issues and allows to take action immediately.

  • Fleet Issues :

    Allows registration of drivers and customer support personnel.

  • Audit Trails :

    Blockchain secured, logs all the history of the fleets.

Renewals and Services

The Renewals and Services is one of the important modules of the system. This module helps to get auto renewal alerts of the upcoming services and the services needed for the vehicles at the moment. One can also schedule reminders for all preventive maintenances and get email alerts for all the scheduled service maintenances in this section. Vehicle issues can be reported from anywhere and the repair progress can be monitored easily. The preventive maintenance section predicts the schedules of the services based on actual vehicle utilization.

  • Services Setup
  • Renewals

Dashboard Feature

The dashboard feature gives real-time tracking of all the actioning vehicles at the moment. The google map visualized real-time movement of all the vehicles on the map. One can choose to follow a particular vehicle and trace its location and details of current status.


For compliance and safety, the Inspection module has a standard form secured by the Blockchain technology which needs to be filled by the employees while examining the vehicle in inspection. The details of the inspection report can be printed and submitted to the concerned individuals for recovery. For resolution of the issues, the system enables one to receive instant alerts to all the failed inspection units.

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