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Blockchain-based Patient Repository and Health Wallet Management

Our blockchain-based health wallet & patient repository management module accompany patients, doctors, and hospitals to a single platform while enabling the doctors and the hospital management to improve patient care with patient’s secured data management. It helps provide an easy communication channel between patients and doctors.

Protected Data, Easy Communication and Improved Patient Care

Secure EHR:

Patient's Health Records get stored in a blockchain network with cryptographic encryption and the solution assures the data is tamper-proof.

Consent-based data sharing

Doctors and patients can communicate and discuss medical records, present conditions and prescribed medicines with each other.

Easy Communication

Patients and doctors can communicate with each other to discuss medical records, conditions and prescribed medicines.

Push Notifications:

Patients can be pre-informed about their upcoming visits, important notices from the doctors or the hospitals with the push notification feature.

Features for All Patients

Medical Vault

  • This feature allows patients to store their medical history even when they are disconnected by Medical Institutes.
  • Patients can create/upload their medical records by themselves.

Medical History

  • Patients can view their Medical History as a Timeline.
  • Create a Medical Report/Document against appointments.
  • Update Medical Report/Document against any new document by Medical Institutes.
  • Authorize other Health Care Institutes to view certain data.

Ability to Communicate with Doctors:

  • Communicate with Medical Institute personnel against visits.
  • Communicate with Medical Institute professionals against specific medical documents.
  • View complete communication reports with Medical Institutes.
  • Send and receive photos/videos in messages.

Family Medical History:

  • Register family members with unique IDs.
  • View complete Medical History of family members (based on authorization).
  • Authorize family members to view your Medical History.
  • Manage family members’ accounts.

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