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Our Features

Comprehensive MTC POS

Our POS helps retailers manage any of their POS at any time using any of the following devices: iMac, Windows PC, an iPad, Web, or Android tablet.

Offline & Online Mode

This system supports both online and offline modes. If your internet connection is lost, this POS will still your transactions.

Powerful Accounting System

Our POS has a strong accounting system and it can be fully combined with the QuickBooks to track deposits, inventory, sales, and invoices.

Secured Data

You can rest as we will keep your data secured with our Amazon Cloud Storage inventory.

Retail POS

Multi-Store Enabled

You can manage all your outlets from one Point of Sale. You can track sales, manage inventory, keep an eye on your staff’s performance, and proactively grow your business.

Cloud-based Centralized Admin

Manage your business using a Cloud-based business from anywhere at any time. Manage your employees, get instant reports, track your sales and allot your inventory stock.

Accept Gift Cards

You can scan or swipe digital and pre-printed gift cards. You can type in the gift card serial number using MTC Retail POS. It will enable users to redeem their points which they earn while shopping from your store.

Data Saving

Your service has not to be uneven if your Wi-Fi can be. Transparsoft’s offline mode will make sure that your shop keeps on moving and you don’t have to be connected to the online platform.

Restaurant POS

Earning Points & Redeeming

The POS has a dedicated section as Points & Rewards using which customers can avail options like Gift Cards, Redeem Offers and Promotional Offers. Buyers can pay their bills utilizing these payment options.

Stock Transfer

Stock Settlement helps your business to match with actual physical stock and update it at the system through Physical Stock. You can choose a specific warehouse and then the specific item to reconcile the stock.

Recipe Management

You can map your ingredients with a recipe, create lists of all the mappings, manage your serving size, make a complete and detailed list of recipes of your restaurant and have them for later use with ease using MTC Restaurant POS.

Delivery Boy Allotment

MTC Restaurant POS permits the registration of new delivery boys and their details. The manager can search from the list of delivery persons and select a specific delivery boy by entering code, name and his active status and then allot him the delivery/work.

Home Delivery POS

Record Employee

You can add and manage the employees of your company by just a few easy clicks.

Search and Categorize Employee

Categorize employees according to their department of work in the enterprise.

Contractor Job Search

Hiring a vendor for the completion of jobs is made easy with our POS. You can search vendors and assign them job for your customers.

Enlist and Categorize Vendors

Easily manage your vendors and contractors by categorizing the vendors available in the JON Tracker.

Workshop POS

Log Customer Information

You can use Workshop POS on the iPad to log the information of a billing customer. Client’s details will be auto-populated by enter the client’s code or phone number. Otherwise, you need to enter all the information manually.

Generate Car Report

The reports of Purchase Order, Purchase Price History, Supplier Invoice can be determined in this section. Generate reports depending on employee, product, or customer for day to day and time to time.

Contractor Job Search

MTC Workshop POS enables you to hire a vendor company and assign them the jobs for your customers.

Create Lists and Categorize Vendors

Create lists of vendors and categorize them as per their availability via Job Tracker.

Bar & Juice POS

Record Employee

Management of your company’s employees is made easy with the effortless registration of new employees.

Search and Categorize Employees

Create categories of employees and categorize them tot heir respective department of work.

Contractor Job Search

You can now search for a contractor to assign them the job for your customers. sign them to perform the jobs for your customers

Enlist & Categorize Vendors

With MTC Bar and Juice POS, managing the vendors or contractors is easy. Categorization of vendors is available in the Job Tracker.

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