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Restaurant Progressive Web App Development

Allow users to browse your restaurant menu, reservation for tables, and order items on the go with your Transparsoft express app. Restaurant app development instantly and uplift your business more than ever.

Restaurant Solution – Ramp Up Your Customer Satisfaction

Online Order Placement & Quick Reservation

Permit users to place orders online and reserve a table with the express app.

Integrated Menu

Effortless updating of menu items with high resolution images, pricing, and short descriptions.

Cost Effective in Every Aspect

Save money menu cards reprinting, leads generation and increase your sales while standing out among your competitors.

Digital Menu Card

A very interactive menu.
Having a digital menu interaction results in great customer satisfaction and less complications. Rather than a printed menu, addition of new items and price management becomes easy to update.

Hassle-free Pick up

Jump the waiting list
Online Pick-up makes it easier for the busy professionals to skip the queue and pick the food up at the preferred time with online payment.

Online Order

Forget the waiter
Place your order right from your table and pay the bills before din-in with the hassle-free service.

Online Food Delivery

Food items at doorstep
Saves the customer’s time and energy by ordering products online with online delivery system.

Online Table Reservation

Get customers straight inside the restaurant
Transpartsoft’s third party integration with Appointy allows consumers to skip the wait and reserve a table with your instant restaurant app.

Online Pre-Ordering Products

Skip the long wait
Using Online Pre-Order option, the users are able to pre-book their order and reserve a table without waiting outside the restaurant.

QR Code Feature

Share QR code with friends and family
The consumers can click and share their order QR code with their family, friends and the loved ones to enjoy the meal they enjoyed. It verifies the customer and order delivered by you.

Offers and Promotions

Maintain customers
Create coupons and campaigns for upcoming occasions, happy hour deals, offers etc., post and distribute them to promote what you offer to the customers.

Social Media Marketing

Undemanding business publicity
Customers can access your web app using a URL. You will be able to broadcast your restaurant business on Facebook, in an Online Ad, QR codes and text messages.

Loyalty Program

Boost excitement
The Loyalty Program enables you to encourage your restaurant customers to visit your place over and over.

Customer Support with Chat Bot

24/7 support desk
Chatbots provides 24/7 real-time assistance to your customers and gives them the comfort and ease they’d love.

Push Notifications Feature

Reach the users fast
Push notifications help boost your reach to the customers quickly and convey promotions, offers and current deals.

SMS Marketing Option

High-end pros, but a penny at cost
Strengthen your customer engagement by reaching out to them for marketing and promotions via SMS.

Improved Revenue with Data Analytics

Customize your offered services
You can improve your business by capturing, observing and analyzing metrics per month for which are you most liked and highest grossing beverages and food items. .

Yelp and Customer Reviews

Reviews are the strength
Your consumers share their true words about you. Let your new customer know how well you serve your customers with third party integrations for reviews with Yelp.

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