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Tracking and Sales Software for Small Businesses

White Labeling

Transparsoft provides mobile and web applications for innovative wearable devices for consumers, loaded with sensors to enable consumers to measure their surroundings.

High-end Customization

Transparsoft’s engineers improve smart home adoption via multitenant programs added with sensory recognition plus speech, language, and computer vision.

Inventory Management

Allocation of Product Stock
MTC CRM makes the inventory control so much easier with the integration of inventory management system, the management of products will be hassle-free.

FIFO Implementation
MTC CRM enables hassle-free inventory control and with the integration of the inventory system, the process of product management will be as much easier as possible.

Delivery Note, Pick List, Sales Invoice
MTC CRM is only CRM software available on the internet that provides the complete process from Sales Orders to Invoices Generation.

Purchase Management

Vendor Management
Transparsoft is the only company in CRM that provides supply chain management with CRM.

Goods Receive Note, Purchase Orders and Invoices
Our management solution tracks each step and records everything to help to manage your business much easier.

Invoice Syncing with Accounts
We provide you the options to merge your purchase invoices and supplies with QuickBooks or Xero.


Easy Integration with QuickBooks
MTC CRM can be integrated with QuickBooks which is one of the leading accounting software packages. This integration will enable you to take smart business decisions by tracking Purchases, Sales, Postage and Shipping, Taxes, and Payments.

Effortless Integration with Xero
MTC CRM also enables you with the options to integrate with Xero which is also one of the leading account software packages. This integration helps you up-lift your business decision making ability by tacking Sales, Taxes, Purchases, Payments, Shipping, and Postages.

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