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Cold Chain Blockchain-Based Solution

Streamlining the Cold Supply Chain with a Blockchain-enabled solution.

Cold Chain Solution – Integrated Solution Across Transportation & Warehousing

Quick Transaction Establishment

Transactions are made directly from peer-to-peer with a less number of intermediaries and the ledgers are automatically updated.

Anti-cheat System

The blockchain asset tracking solution can prevent fraud. Assets are tracked and traced by using RFID tags throughout the entire supply chain until the end-customer receive them.

Reliable & Constant

The blockchain technology is very strong and it has quite low chances of failure. Transactions that are processed in the blockchain-enabled system are irrevocable and immutable.


Smart contracts are automatic and are used to validate transactions. Intermediaries are involved rarely, and no reconciliation of work help to reduce the overall supply chain expenditures.

Upgraded Inventory Management

The legacy system was used to manage inventory, but it used to create gaps. The blockchain features an effective way to fill up those gaps in the inventory. It also enables businesses to foresee their shortages, improving data integrity, and distribution. The blockchain technology can help enterprises manage and control the provision at the food production unit or facility.

Traceability of Stolen Items

The system traces food volumes in the supply chain efficiently. Besides preventing fraud and tampering, the blockchain technology assures continual flow throughout the supply chain.

Quality Monitor

The system monitors the condition of food items in the supply chain such as humidity, temperature, etc.

Globally Verified

Blockchain-based Cold Chain Solution creates a surely global solution that can be monitored and verified by the company itself.

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