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Smart Agriculture

Assess the basic condition of the fields and monitor the agricultural fields remotely.

Smart Agriculture Solution – Change the Way You Farm

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor your agricultural land and efficiently plan and execute the agricultural operations.

Low Risk & Better Control

Lower your production risks by improving the way you control the agricultural processes with our Smart Agriculture Solution.

Enhanced Volumes & Quality

Optimize your production process and maintain higher standards of growth capacity and quality of crops through automation.

Cost Reduction & More Revenue

Introduction of autonomic robots into agriculture remains the major goal of reducing reliance on labor while improving efficiency, quality, and product yield to generate bigger revenue.

Soil Monitoring

Insufficient Testing of Soil and Surrounding Conditions

Our solution eradicates the problem of manually testing the soil and surrounding environment of a field. An automated analysis of both of these conditions to be aware of the moisture level, pH, temperature and humidity of the soil.

Weather Tracking

Weather Forecasting & Monitoring

An accurate weather monitoring and forecasting for individual field is recorded by our solution, updated hourly and can be checked remotely.

Solar Tracking

Renewable Power Supply

Supply the electricity required for your fields and empower it as an alternative power source by changing the direction of the solar panel towards the direction of the Sun as it moves.

Field History

Monitor Agricultural Land

Our solution records and keeps a history of vegetation, soil moisture, precipitation, and weather reports.

Water Supply

Turn Water Pump ON/OFF

The solution enables you to get the exact detailed knowledge about the conditions of the field of concern and then switch the water pump ON and OFF remotely depending on the need of the field.

Profit & Loss

Logs of Profit and Loss

With this solution, you can calculate the profit or loss on a field level by standalone analytics on the basis of your expenses and rates of crops sold.

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