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Computerized Maintenance Management System

Ease yourself from your daily maintenance hassle and burdening operating costs. Transparsoft’s cloud-based CMMS lowers maintenance costs, manages assets data, enhance asset life and smoothens your journey from reactive to preventive maintenances and more.

CMMS Features Improvement in Your Maintenance Management

Easy Assets Management

Transparsoft’s CMMS solution enables you to add new equipment and handle asset data effortlessly with automated applications. Make asset information at the user’s fingertips with QR/RFID code scanning.

Sleeken Your Work Order

Get rid of maintenance mismanagement with our easy work order management. Each team member can access instructions, manage work orders and prioritize tasks easily by using the app from anywhere.

Automate Maintenance Tasks

Transparsoft’s CMMS helps one to schedule/automate maintenance tasks based on editable condition-based triggers such as date/time, events, readings, etc. and notifies you about upcoming notifications.

Organize Work Anytime, Anywhere

Our CMMS solution offers access to work orders, instructions, manage and edit completed tasks to employees/team members from any device at any time, online and offline.

Powerful Data-based Insights

The completely customizable, interactional and integrated CMMI dashboard provides one a detailed insight into your maintenance operations. It helps to make your business operations efficient with totally customizable reports and tracking KPIs.

Easy Integrations

Transparsoft’s CMMS solution can be easily integrated with your ERP platform. IoT asset monitoring system enables inter-departmental communication, preventive maintenances and more. Book yourself a demo to learn more.

CMMS Solution

The CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) solution is built exclusively to help management and maintenance teams manage work, digitalize assets, connect to other business software/applications, and make powerful insights and data-driven decisions. Our CMMS is secured with blockchain and assures your data protection and security. Transparsoft’s CMMS helps to modernize the maintenance by:

  • Storing all the assets’ information and history and tracking with RFID/QR code scanner.
  • Securing asset data through blockchain and cloud-based access.
  • Undemanding scope of scaling across facilities and countries.
  • Helping manage fieldwork using CMMS mobile app (online/offline).
  • Adding and managing work orders and assets via a simplified process.
  • Assisting in powerful business insights with customizable reports.

Work Order Solution

Transparsoft’s enterprise-level GPS-based work order management solution enables one with the ability to hassle-free create, track, manage, and complete work orders at the same time providing visibility into your operations.

  • Online and offline management of work orders on mobile devices.
  • Featuring add-ons like e-sign and customer’s review.
  • Enabling advanced features like geofencing, route planning, etc.

Asset management solution

Transparsoft’s CMMS solution helps in tracking the asset lifecycle designed for companies and alleviate supply chain entropy, enhancing visibility and transparency at the same time. Multiple assets or multiple facilities is now made easy with our asset maintenance management solution, it helps to quickly build and import assets, store information, track assets’ history, and making data-driven asset decisions.

  • Easy search feature using RFID/QR Code Scanner.
  • Schedule maintenances depending on meter readings and alerts.
  • SSecure your data with blockchain and avoid frauds and deceits.
  • Take impeccable business decisions with powerful data-driven insights.
  • Manage assets easily.

CMMS Mobile Solution

The CMMS mobile app offers a perfect solution to your maintenance operations. Put everything at your fingertips, wherever work takes you, with new features like offline access mode and much easier work order management. Feel the ease and power by requesting a Demo and experience its effectiveness for your enterprise.

  • It offers daily task lists for your employees with simplified work order management.
  • Work anywhere, anytime, on any device with offline mode.
  • Enhance your productivity with user-focused high-end features.
  • Keep track of assigning and prioritizing work orders.
  • Preventive maintenance notifications and customizable Fleet Operation Reports.

Cloud-based maintenance solution

Run maintenances and asset management solutions over the internet without buying, installing or managing any hardware/software with Transparsoft’s cloud-based CMMS. Simply open your web browser, sign in, and start your maintenances from now.

  • Cost-efficient and available as a mobile app with offline mode.
  • Make your dream app; we tailor it as per your demands/needs.
  • Trusted and secured with blockchain.
  • No regular up-gradation of your maintenance software. Always up-to-date.
  • Fleet Operation Reports Availability.
  • Assign, prioritize and update work orders while keeping a track.

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