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The Key Features

Scheduling and Dispatch

MTC Job Tracker helps the back office employees to auto allocate the task based on pin code, area, availability, customers, proximity. Location aware dispatching, map view of current location and reassign capability helps the mangers to smartly allocate the task to the employees. Managers can also prioritize the schedules.

Field Service Management

The field service management feature provides end-to-end visibility from issue allocation to resolution. It enables workforce to quickly view and record information on-go to resolve issues faster. With quick response of service calls, field service tracking and field force tracking, this solution helps in transforming service into strategic engagements with customers that build loyalty and value.

Mobile Workforce Management

MTC Job Tracker provides a competitive advantage over other like solutions as it acts as a field force manager that performs field activities and sales force automation processes more efficiently. This solution also provides access to all the information while connected/disconnected to the internet. This management solution as a mobile application helps with workforce tracking, workforce scheduling, etc.

Delivery Management

MTC Job Tracker’s Delivery Management Solution assists companies to manage the delivery operation effectively with automatic least cost routing, automatic field updates up to the minute, and proofs of each delivery. It serves as a solution for easy product delivery.

Alerts, Messaging, Notifications

With its fast and intelligent notification system, MTC Job Tracker keeps its employees and the customers informed. Managers can create email notifications and SMS alerts for the customers as well as the field users when any task is pending or completed, etc.

Offline Capability & Digital Data Capturing

MTC Job Tracker helps capture various types of field data. The data authorization rules are based on basic constraints and regular expressions like min and max data types, and range enables the auditing in the field. It also features offline mode which allows you to store/upload data while having no internet connection.

Non Banking Financial

  • Assures optimal allotting of leads to field sales agents.
  • More active status reporting.
  • Enhanced Field Investigation and Know Your Customer (KYC).
  • Instant visibility on key matrices, open leads and lead conversion rates.
  • Digital activity with an ability to fill them up.
  • Instant customer feedback capturing and so on.


  • Real-time customer information storage helps the sales teams to establish their potential leads.
  • Automates and optimizes the collection process and order which saves manufacturing companies’ time.
  • Manufacturing companies can increase their productivity by measuring and monitoring their retail outlets.
  • Assign jobs and schedule sales calls.
  • Track attendance of Field Employees.


  • Auto allocation of tasks on the basis of area, proximity, availability, customers and pin code.
  • Field Service Employees can access jobs and customers’ information.
  • Employees can be paid after the completion of tasks online and in the field.
  • Integration of customer invoicing with QuickBooks or Xero.
  • Field Employees can update the job status to completed and get GPS directions for the next jobs.
  • Managers back at the office get instant updates and reports of each status of a contract/service.


  • Meet different standards and needs of different companies.
  • No paperwork at all, 100% digital system.
  • At least 80% improvement in Data Quality.
  • Reported data is always verified.
  • Field verification visits always happen.
  • Field investigations, customer/account authentications, background verification checks, accident case verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) becomes easier with Transparsoft’s Field Force Management Solution.

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